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Thermal gas mass flowmeter

一、产品的技术优势:1、 Technical advantages of the product:1、专有流量数据模型算法;模糊理论控制温度、湿度算法;1. The algorithm of special flow data model, fuzzy control of temperature and humidity algorithm;2、高性能智能微处理器及模数、数模转换芯片;2. High performance intelligent microprocessor and a / ···


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1、 Technical advantages of the product:


1. The algorithm of special flow data model, fuzzy control of temperature and humidity algorithm;


2. High performance intelligent microprocessor and a / D and D / a conversion chip;


3. Wide range ratio 100:1; large diameter, low flow rate, pressure loss can be ignored;


4. Direct measurement of mass flow without temperature and pressure compensation;


5. Low velocity measurement is very sensitive;


6. It is convenient for design and selection, easy to install and use;


7. It is suitable for all kinds of single or mixed gas flow measurement.


2、 Product features:


1. Platinum RTD sensor with high stability and patent technology


2. Using proprietary technology "balanced structure package", self compensation of medium temperature


3. Proprietary algorithm can achieve high linearity, high repeatability and high precision


4. The range ratio is 100:1, which can be expanded according to the requirements of users


5. The minimum flow rate can be measured as low as zero, and the resolution is 0.001m/s


6. No moving parts and negligible vibration effect


7. The requirement of straight pipe section is not high 1-2D


8. It has nothing to do with the temperature and pressure of the medium


9. Proprietary high temperature algorithm, medium temperature up to + 510 ℃,


10. High humidity algorithm is used to realize high precision measurement


11. Input 12 points dynamic correction for flow signal, and built-in 10 points correction


12. On line dynamic correction of current / voltage output


13. It is not sensitive to small particles such as dust


14. Online loading and unloading without interruption of flow, convenient maintenance


3、 Applications:

1、公用工程---电﹑气﹑ 水处理的监控

1. Public works monitoring of power, gas and water treatment


Pipeline gas; general system; biogas; gas; natural gas; liquefied gas; boiler preheating air


2. Oil and gas industry

能量交换;填井气回收; 燃气计量;气体质量分析;泄漏气测试;天然气测量;火炬气的监控

Energy exchange; well filling gas recovery; gas metering; gas quality analysis; leakage gas test; natural gas measurement; torch gas monitoring


3. Electric power industry


Gas measurement in the process of gas distribution in fuel system; gas measurement in boiler and auxiliary system; gas measurement in gas furnace; hydrogen measurement; primary air and secondary air measurement of blast furnace in power plant


4. Chemical industry

烟气循环监测;采样系统中气体流量计量;引风机的气体流量计量;化肥厂氨气测量 ;电池工厂各种气体流量测量

Flue gas circulation monitoring; gas flow measurement in sampling system; gas flow measurement of induced draft fan; ammonia measurement in fertilizer plant; various gas flow measurement in battery plant


5. Metallurgical Industry


Gas filling measurement of iron and steel plant; measurement of blast furnace gas of iron making plant; measurement of coke oven gas of coking plant; measurement control of heating furnace gas (blast furnace gas, coking gas, natural gas, etc.) in rolling plant; control of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in heat treatment quenching furnace


6. Pulp and paper industry


Gas measurement in wastewater treatment system; flue flow monitoring; boiler recovery of secondary / tertiary air; measurement of boiler gas and air supply air


7. Food and pharmaceutical industry


Fresh air addition in processing operation; carbon dioxide treatment in breweries; hot air flow in bottle sterilizer; gas flow measurement in thermal oxidation process; ventilation system; boiler intake, exhaust gas, process control


8. Environmental protection


Gas measurement in the process of biogas utilization; chlorine gas measurement in chlorine treatment process; gas measurement in aeration tank during sewage treatment; flue gas emission monitoring of SO2 and NOx


9. Other industries


The results show that: the measurement of compressed air in factory; the control of pulverized coal / gas ratio in the process of pulverized coal combustion; the control of hot gas discharge from Vertical Pulverizer in cement industry


4、 Performance index:

1、测量范围:0.5—100Nm/s (20℃,101.33KPa)

1. Measurement range: 0.5-100nm / S (20 ℃, 101.33kpa)

2、准确度: ±1%的读数 ±0.5%满量程

2. Accuracy: ± 1% of reading ± 0.5% of full scale


3. Range ratio: usually 100:1 (depending on the range of calibrated flow)

4、管径范围: 15mm~6000mm

4. Pipe diameter range: 15mm ~ 6000mm

5、应用范围: 适合各类单一或混合气体。含尘、含沙、含湿气、各种腐蚀性气体

5. Application range: suitable for all kinds of single or mixed gases. It contains dust, sand, moisture and various corrosive gases

6、环境温度范围: -40℃~+85℃(无显示); -30℃~+70℃(有显示); 湿度小于90%RH

6. Ambient temperature range: - 40 ℃ - + 85 ℃ (no display); - 30 ℃ - + 70 ℃ (with display); humidity less than 90% RH

7、介质温度范围: -40℃~+100℃;-40℃~+200℃; -40℃~+450℃;-40℃~+510℃

7. Medium temperature range: - 40 ℃ - + 100 ℃; - 40 ℃ - + 200 ℃; - 40 ℃ - + 450 ℃; - 40 ℃ - + 510 ℃


8. Sensor diameter: ф 3, ф 2.5


9. Probe rod diameter of plug-in sensor: ф 19 (standard), ф 16, ф 12


10. Sensor material: 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium

11、探杆材质(保护套): 316不锈钢(标准)、哈氏合金

11. Probe rod material (protective sleeve): 316 stainless steel (standard), Hastelloy


12. Two way measurement of medium flow

13、模拟量输出:流量:4-20mADC, 温度:4-20mADC, 最大负载:1000Ω

13. Analog output: flow: 4-20madc, temperature: 4-20madc, maximum load: 1000 Ω


14. Cumulative impulse output


15. Type in 12 segments of non-linear correction, built-in 10 segment nonlinear correction


16. Communication: serial output RS232 / RS485


17. Power supply: 24 VDC / 600 Ma; 220 VAC / 2 W; 110 VAC / 3 W


18. Alarm: 1-2 way relay output, 5A / 220V, 5A / 30VDC, input setting??


19. 8-bit LCD display for instantaneous flow


20. Process pressure: 1.6Mpa (maximum 20MPa)


21. Installation process form: plug in type (ferrule, ferrule + ball valve, flange connection) is suitable for pipe installation above DN80, and pipeline type (flange and thread connection) is suitable for pipe installation above DN 15.


22. Explosion proof grade: intrinsically safe (IA Ⅱ CT5), flameproof (Exd Ⅱ cT4)


23. Protection grade: IP65


Installation of thermal gas mass flowmeter


1. Plug in instrument installation


Loosen the check nut on the sensor rod of the instrument, so that the cavity connecting nut can slide along the sensor rod to the sensor sheath, so that the sheath is fully retracted into the cavity connecting nut.

  1. 将腔式连接螺母紧固于专用球阀上(需在它们之间加装密封垫)

  2. Fasten the cavity type connecting nut to the special ball valve (need to add sealing gasket between them)

  3. 打开专用球阀,将传感器杆压入管道,直至止退螺母能够与腔式连接螺母锁紧。

  4. Open the special ball valve and press the sensor rod into the pipe until the retaining nut can be locked with the cavity connecting nut.

  5. 转动传感器杆,使标记点能与介质流动方向同向,锁紧止退螺母。更改显示屏方向。

  6. Turn the sensor rod so that the mark point can be in the same direction as the flow direction of the medium, and lock the retaining nut. Change the display orientation.

  7. 如果显示屏的方向不能满足现场显示角度的要求,可以更改显示屏的方向。显示表头可在水平6个方向上转动,更改方法是:切断电源,打开转换器前盖,断开传感器与转换器连线(两组共4根或3组6根,组与组之间不能互换,同一组两根线可互换),松开表头法兰(旋掉6颗M6的内六角螺栓),此时可转动转换器(不要让转换器跌落),直到观测方便,重新固定法兰,并连接传感器与转换器连线,盖紧转换器前盖,接通电源。

  8. If the direction of the display screen cannot meet the requirements of the field display angle, the direction of the display screen can be changed. The indicator can be rotated in six horizontal directions. The change method is as follows: cut off the power supply, open the front cover of the converter, disconnect the connecting wire between the sensor and the converter (there are 4 in two groups or 6 in 3 groups, which cannot be interchanged between groups, and two wires in the same group can be interchanged), loosen the flange of the meter head (screw off 6 M6 hexagon bolts), and then turn the converter (do not let the converter fall) until It is convenient to observe. Fix the flange again, connect the sensor to the converter, close the front cover of the converter, and connect the power supply.

  9. 2、管段式仪表安装

  10. 2. Installation of pipe section instrument

  11. 确认管段的连接方式(法兰连接或螺纹连接)。管段式仪表已在出厂时把传感器装配在专用管段上,用户只需把管段再装配到现场,因此相对现场插入式仪表的安装要简单。首先按照现场插入式仪表安装的第1部选择安装点。然后按照管段式传感器的尺寸切割管道、安装配对法兰或螺纹。后用螺栓安装管段仪表,安装时要保证仪表的标记方向和介质流体方向同向,并且显示平面要垂直于水平面,管道轴心线要平行于水平面,误差不能超过±5度

  12. Confirm the connection mode of pipe section (flange connection or thread connection). The sensor has been assembled on the special pipe section when the pipe section instrument is delivered from the factory. The user only needs to assemble the pipe section to the site again, so the installation of the on-site plug-in instrument is relatively simple. First, select the installation point according to the first part of the field plug-in instrument installation. Then cut the pipe and install the mating flange or thread according to the size of the segment sensor. Then install the pipe section instrument with bolts. During installation, ensure that the marking direction of the instrument is in the same direction as the medium fluid direction, and the display plane shall be vertical to the horizontal plane, and the pipeline axis line shall be parallel to the horizontal plane, and the error shall not exceed ± 5 degrees