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Requirements for installation environment of vortex flowmeter


The correct installation of vortex flowmeter is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. If it is not properly installed, the accuracy of the instrument will be affected, and the service life of the instrument will be affected, and even the instrument will be damaged. What are the requirements for the installation environment


1. Avoid strong current equipment, high frequency equipment and strong switching power supply equipment as far as possible. The power supply of the instrument shall be separated from these devices as far as possible.


2. Avoid the direct influence of high temperature heat source and radiation source. If installation is required, thermal insulation and ventilation measures shall be taken.


3. Avoid high humidity environment and strong corrosive gas environment. If installation is required, ventilation measures must be taken.


4. Vortex flowmeter should not be installed on the pipe with strong vibration. If it is necessary to install, pipe fastening device and anti vibration pad shall be installed at 2D upstream and downstream to enhance anti vibration effect.


5. The instrument should be installed indoors, and waterproof should be paid attention to when it is installed outdoors. Special attention should be paid to bending the cable into U shape at the electrical interface to avoid water flowing into the amplifier shell along the cable.


6. Sufficient space should be reserved around the instrument installation point for installation, wiring and regular maintenance.


The environmental conditions of vortex flowmeter installation are as mentioned above. Pay attention to these before installation.